The Trumpeter & the Tomcat:

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Trumpeter of Säckingen

In the mid-17th century, the bourgeois son Franz Werner Kirchhofer and the young aristocratic Maria Ursula von Schönau lived in Säckingen. A bond of mutual affection grew between the two and overcame the high class barriers between the bourgeois and the aristocratic world. They married and returned to the middle-class circle of their home town. This is where they lived, remained loyal to each other and won the respect of the townspeople, even though their stay was made difficult due to their marriage against class conventions. The popularity of the epos still continues today. The symbolic figure of Bad Säckingen and Joseph Victor von Scheffel’s main character is the Trumpeter of Säckingen.

Tomcat Hiddigeigei

Hiddigeigei, this proud, green-eyed black tomcat is one of the companions in the epos ‘Trumpeter of Säckingen’ and mouthpiece of the poet Joseph Victor von Scheffel in the romantic love story between the middle-class son Franz Werner Kirchhofer and the aristocratic lady Maria Ursula von Schönau. With his wisdom full of irony and mockery about all the people’s doings, the tomcat has a special place in the epic poem. Today the Tomcat Hiddigeigei is Bad Säckingen’s symbolic figure for luck and success! He inspired numerous artistic depictions which are distributed around the historic town centre and can be discovered during a tour of the city.