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St Fridolin’s Minster

The world we live in is loud, colourful and hectic. Yet as soon as the gates of St Fridolin’s Minster have closed behind its visitor, a sense of calm which so many yearn for can be found – perhaps even a sense of protection for a few moments. The longer this moment endures, the more one can enjoy the effect this church has on its visitors. Only the chime of the mighty bells, which can be found in the bulbous towers high above the city, permeate the walls. They will remind you that life outside continues.

The wall paintings as well as the massive marble works on the high walls are sure to impress in this Baroque minster. The frescoes, the stucco work, statues and effigies are so numerous that it will take some time until you have discovered all of them. The scenery becomes all the more impressive when people begin to sing within these walls. The church service in Bad Säckingen’s St Fridolin’s Minster always turns into a very special event, whenever the first emotive sounds are produced by the impressive organ above the wooden pews.

The mighty church structure with the towers which can be seen from far away reflects the size and significance of the convent run by princess abbesses. Around the turn of the century the people of Säckingen erected a monument celebrating their honorary citizen – the Trumpeter Fountain.


Visit holy St Fridolin’s silver shrine and take a tour of the old minster walls. You will not only be able to visit the crypt, which is not usually publicly accessible, but you can also climb the minster towers.

Bad Säckingen: A small-town gem

They are not large, are partly hidden among beautiful landscape, and yet they have a very special splendour: the small-town gems of Baden-Wuerttemberg.
Very special treasures can be found in historical alleyways and on picturesque market squares: varied and individual shops, a broad range of gastronomical options, as well as numerous events which are guaranteed to enchant visitor Bad Säckingen is one of these small-town gems.  Find more information on the website of the state of Baden- Wuerttemberg.